What if you could start everyday with a gourmet breakfast sandwich in your fist? A sandwich made with the finest ingredients available… farm fresh eggs, cheese, veggies, Benton’s Bacon, Benton’s Country Ham, a multitude of custom made sausage choices or the finest chicken around. A sandwich served on scratch made biscuits, or fresh baked toasted brioche rolls, breads or tortillas topped off with house made sauces or the finest condiments. Now use your other fist to grab the hottest, freshest coffee roasted by La Columbe or a glass of orange juice squeezed fresh this morning. Impossible? It doesn’t exist? Don’t tell that to Sammie!!!

Sammie wants you to start everyday just this way. See, Sammie does one thing and he does it very well. The breakfast king has designed the very best breakfast sandwiches in the world, but he still will let you try to customize your own. 

Daybreakin’ Delicious!

Breakfast is not just for the morning! Sammie will make you one of his famous sandwiches for lunch too!

Breakfast in Bed

You can order online or call Sammie for pick up or delivery. Or, order through your favorite delivery service. Breakfast sammies and coffees in bed anyone??!!